Feeling Humid Indoors? Dehumidifiers

by Air Conditioning

Deciding Between a Whole-House or a Portable Dehumidifier

Deciding between a whole house dehumidifier or a portable room dehumidifier depends on a proper assessment of your humidity problem. The only way to control indoor mold growth is to control humidity levels. Furthermore consistent humidity levels in excess of 70% can also lead to corrosion, decay, dust mite, termite and other insect infestation and other moisture related deterioration. This is of concern to allergy and asthma sufferers because excess humidity levels in carpets, fabrics, and upholstery can encourage dust mite infestation and mildew growth. When deciding between a whole house dehumidifier or a portable dehumidifier take the following facts into consideration:
Advantages of Whole House Dehumidifiers:
  • Ability to automatically control humidity throughout your home
  • Located out of sight and sound level is lower
  • Up to 4 times more energy efficient
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Most have better air filters
  • Are often steel units (more durable) with better warranties
Disadvantages of Whole House Dehumidifiers:
  • More expensive on initial purchase
  • Can be more complicated to setup and install, often requiring professional installation
  • More difficult to take with you if you move
  • Larger and heavier
Advantages of Portable Room Dehumidifiers:
  • Less expensive initially
  • Ability to control humidity in one large, continuous area
  • Portable
  • Easier and more quickly to install and begin operating
  • Most come with digital controls
Disadvantages of Portable Room Dehumidifiers:
  • Shorter useful lifespan
  • Louder operation/Operate in plain sight
  • Only able to control humidity in one continuous area
  • Have to empty collected condensate or port
  • Often, less energy efficient
One of our staff members likes to say that tackling a large home humidity problem with a portable room dehumidifier is about the same as boxing with one arm tied behind your back. You might be putting yourself at a decided disadvantage in your battle against moisture in the home.Proponents of whole house dehumidifiers argue that the only way to effectively control the humidity in your entire home is to use a whole house dehumidifier. They argue that portable dehumidifiers only offer temporary relief and only in one room.
We are seeing a shift in trends with our customers. Many of them are tired of buying portable dehumidifiers over and over again every year or every few years and are instead opting to get a larger dehumidifier that is better suited to the task.
In summary, when choosing the best dehumidifier for your needs, first determine the area that you need to control the humidity in. If it is a larger area, multiple floors or throughout the entire home, a whole house dehumidifier may be better suited to your needs. If your excess humidity problem is mostly seasonal, limited to one or two rooms or only in a smaller overall area, a portable dehumidifier may be the best, and most economical option.

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